The Grant Thornton Advantage

At Grant Thornton we know how important a culture of camaraderie is to a stimulating and productive workplace. We also know that our culture is our biggest differentiator, both to our employees and clients, setting our firm apart from others.

We are confident that if every employee were asked the question, "Why do you work at Grant Thornton?" the majority of our people would say that it's because of our culture.

We are equally confident that if every client of the firm was asked the question, "Why do you do business with Grant Thornton?" the majority would say, "It's because of the quality of the people."

Our distinctive culture is centered on three concepts: our Global Vision, our Global Values and the Grant Thornton Experience.

Our Global Vision
Empowered people providing bold leadership and distinctive client service worldwide

Our Global Values
Collaboration, Leadership, Excellence, Agility, Respect and Responsibility

Grant Thornton Experience for our people

  • to offer meaningful and challenging work
  • to provide career development to support our professional growth
  • to recognize what we do and pay us fairly
  • to create an environment where we feel connected and appreciated
  • to foster a culture of pride by enhancing our reputation in the marketplace

We strive to achieve the Grant Thornton Experience as the basis of our culture and a guide for our day-to-day work. For our people this means spending each day engaged in challenging work that matters, working with a team of professionals dedicated to delivering excellence and developing the expertise and leadership to succeed in any market environment.