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Professional Development

Learning never stops at Grant Thornton. We are committed towards your professional development and provide world-class technical, business and leadership training to sharpen your skills. You keep learning; whether on-the-job or in the training room. Our formalised training programmes are further bolstered by personalised coaching and mentoring.

We are keen to create a wealth of knowledge for all our employees and help them in developing the "right" skills. So, if you have an ever-increasing appetite for knowledge, you will get ample opportunities to benefit from our training calendar.


Work Culture

Our people are our greatest assets and we strive to engage, inform and connect our people across our global network. The work culture is open, supportive and transparent. The firm encourages you to take ownership and drive your development. We welcome initiative and expect self-discipline.

The strong relationship among the partners and staff translates into a robust, homogenous culture. Here, the partners will drop at your desk and have a chat – the atmosphere is very down to earth and the people are very approachable. You spend all your day at work and your colleagues become your friends, and a part of your extended family.

Global Talent Mobility

Global talent mobility is an essential element to building a global culture, providing distinctive client service and broadening and deepening our capabilities. To fulfil this objective, we offer exciting secondment opportunities to qualified staff. Typically, our overseas secondments range from six months to three years to countries such as Australia, United States and United Kingdom.

Overseas secondments expose you to business challenges across many countries and this helps in developing you as a world-class professional. The secondments are not just meant for partners and senior management. Managers and other personnel are also encouraged to enhance their skill sets and experience by taking secondments with other Grant Thornton member firms.