Systems & IT Consulting Solutions for Banks & Financial Institutions

Execute IT endeavors to boost your business

Kuwait City, June 4, 2012: The fundamental importance of IT in banking is widely recognized. The industry has invested heavily in systems, and continues to do so with great expectations in terms of competitive advantage. In Banks & Financial institutions, their systems are at the heart of the business, doing everything from online banking to 24x7 global operations-as well as keep up with the governance and compliance requirements of Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II and local Kuwaiti regulations.

Grant Thornton Advisory Services | Al-Aiban & Al-Qatami Co. offers a wide range of advisory services to provide an opportunity to Banks & Financial Institutions to develop superior designs and carefully execute the IT endeavors to boost the business and to sustain its customer’s ever rising expectations.


  1. Performance review of bank’s existing core banking system, to determine the improvement and to take full advantage of the core banking system as offered by the vendor but not implemented yet. This review shall also to determine the current and near future requirements and bank’s functional advancement plan.
  2. Evaluate, acquire, and implement the new core banking system in case the existing solution couldn’t able to match with banks business model and growth plans.
  3. Change Management and coordination with the vendor to execute seamless changes in processes

Evaluate, acquire and implement the systems to automate applications as per specific processes of the bank;

  • Islamic Banking Products
  • BI & MIS Reporting
  • E-Banking, Web Portal, Phone Apps.
  • Treasury Operations
  • ERP (Financials, Consolidations)
  • POS and ATM
  • CRM & Call Center
  • Corporate Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Fund Management
  • HRMS & Payroll solutions


  1. IT Audit, IT Security Audit, Due Diligence of requisite component, IT Infrastructure/ Data center plan & setup
  2. IT Governance and Compliance documentation, getting management buy-in, implementation & annual reviews
  3. Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
  4. Project Management based on PMBOK, AGILE and AIM methodology as per suitability of the assignment
  5. Review Integrations and data sharing among the complex set of applications for proper information management