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Publications can keep you informed on technical issues. They can also give you a broader view of the world. These Grant Thornton International publications cover a wide range of subjects that interest member firms and member firm clients worldwide.

  • Transparency Report

    We produce an annual transparency report to enable our stakeholders - to better understand our global organisation.

  • International Business Report (IBR) M&A report

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  • The world economy in 2012: a rocky road to recovery

    The Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) is a quarterly survey of 2,850 senior executives in businesses all over the world.

  • Business Planning

    A successful business plan is a document that conveys the exciting prospects and growth potential of the enterprise, in a more straightforward, organized, and detailed manner.

  • Valuation Offerings

    , the value is what anyone is willing is to pay - the purpose of a professional valuation is that it provides a basis for negotiation.

  • Middle East healthcare guide

    Grant Thornton International's new report looks into future prospects for the healthcare sector in the Middle East.

  • Global mergers and acquisitions deal report

    The mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deal report features various M&A related tombstones from member firms around the world organised along industry sector lines.

  • Middle East markets guide

    The guide reveals that transparency and corporate governance are emerging as a critical issue for capital markets in the Middle East.