Planning budgeting & forecasting

Companies will realize a number of benefits from working with us to enhance their planning processes:

  • Reduce planning cycles from months to weeks
  • Create alignment of strategy, operational plans, financial plans, and individual and organizational performance measures
  • Manage short-term performance while effectively allocating resources to achieve longer-term strategic objectives
  • Implement rolling forecasts that support managing the business across periods rather than oneyear increments
  • Eliminate the gaming of budgets and reduce the corporate politics surrounding the budgeting process
  • Focus on key performance indicators rather than meaningless account-level data
  • Increase collaboration in the process at all levels of the organization, using simple forms and the language of front-line managers
  • Effectively use technology to streamline the planning process and improve management reporting and decision-making
  • Move to an integrated planning and reporting process that provides “one version of the truth”
  • Implement a sustainable process improvement framework that supports corporate strategy, allocates resources efficiently and manages costs
  • Manage the complex organizational change associated with the shift in philosophy from budgeting to financial planning