Human Capital Advisory

Our Human Capital practice is based on the premise that firms which effectively and efficiently manage human capital achieve a strategic competitive advantage.

Establishing the basic HR culture and inculcating the HR values are the first step of any organization. Its important to align your HR objectives to the overall objectives of the company and take a drift towards developing an optimal structure to support the objectives of the company and derive job descriptions that would allow employees to be aware of their roles. Our human capital team analyzes the key aspects of company’s strategy and links it to the operational aspect of the business.

Furthermore, the divisional goals based on these operational aspects are linked to the individual goals which forms a complete balance scorecard of the company.

Our holistic approach towards Human Capital assures our clients of an efficient and effective system. Our deliverables provides ways and means to measure the overall progress of HR initiatives and links it with strategy. Improving HR effectiveness is the next steps an organization takes after inculcating the HR culture by establishing the organization structure.

It is important to improve the HR effectiveness of your organization as the company grows. There is a clear need for the alignment of the organizational objective to the individual performance indicators. For this to be implemented a performance appraisal system needs to be in place, which is to be followed by grading the employees and enabling a compensation structure.

Recruitment is one of the most important decisions employers take. Our executive placement practice is one of Kuwait’s leading employee search firms focused on the highest levels of client service for appointments across all levels of hierarchy.

We provide our clients with a wide range of services, from identifying the specifications of the position through to evaluating, interviewing and short listing candidates. Utilizing on our experienced team helps ensure companies meet with the most appropriate candidates for their organization.

Our tools and evaluations techniques are highly regarded in the industry and has been immensely helpful to several organizations.

It is a key activity as organizations grow and ensures that the companies’ bench strength is in place for future requirements.

A successful succession planning requires a critical analyses of the future with identification of key jobs, a rigorous analyses of jobs identified, competency assessment of the employees for tracing the talent and creating the talent pool facilitating the training, learning and development needs of the talent pool and enabling a development plan.